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d-Lenolate Olive Leaf Extract 180ct

d-Lenolate Olive Leaf Extract 180ct

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Maintaining a strong immune system is a critical part of sustaining your body’s overall health. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly contribute to your immune system health. Incorporating an immune system supplement into your routine will give your body that extra bit of protection you need in today’s ever-changing world. That’s where East Park Research’s olive leaf extract comes in.

This 100-percent all-natural, research-tested immune system booster is made using powerful nutrients extracted from olive leaves, including Oleuropein and other therapeutic compounds. The knowledge of natural olive leaf extract benefits dates back to ancient Biblical times; it was the first herb named after the great flood in the Bible and is referenced many times as a special healing substance.

Our d-Lenolate olive leaf extract tablets are 500 milligrams and available here in a bottle of 180 capsules. They eliminate toxins by working with white blood cells and balancing the body’s natural chemistry. These supplements assist with improving/avoiding the following:

  • Weak immune system
  • Flu
  • Bacterial infections

The herbal supplement you see here is unique in that our d-Lenolate has a patent on the extraction process so that more active components within the olive leaf are preserved than with other similar products. Protect your body from invading microorganisms by strengthening your system’s defenses and eliminating toxins with this olive oil extract. Place your order today!

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